M.Arch (3 year option) - any one here doing this?

For the three year architecture masters, it is specific for people without an architecture undergrad. Has anyone here applied to one of these programs? Is it important to have experience with an architecture firm? - but with no undergrad degree, its impossible. Any suggestions?

What school are you looking at? I noticed there is a program like that at UIC and was wondering what it was all about… it’s something I’m considering doing down the road.

I’m looking at UCLA, Berkeley, and U of Oregon.
They understand that applicants don’t have architecture backgrounds, but I wonder if they want people to go and do internships?

I will be entering the M.Arch program (3 years) at Pratt this Fall. You have to have a BA in something other than Arch to do the program, otherwise it’s a two year program. There are no prerequisites for Pratt (unlike Columbia and Yale). I took a arch history class at a JC to prepare. It gave me a good background in different types of arch. Most arch schools want you to have college level physics, calculus, and sometimes arch or art history. Some want a studio class, like drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. However, Pratt and Boston Architectural Center do not have these type or prerequisites.

Any other questions?