This is a fabulous little video…;jsessionid=OXHZIHH2PEM32CRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=fr_FR

click on the bottom right hand side where it says savoire-faire*


What an eye opener. Thats nothing like making shoes in China.

englich version for us unrefined types: :wink:;jsessionid=UJQE4WRPKOKX0CRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_GB

Awesome serries of pieces

i love the way the guy strokes the nail

China takes all the passion out of shoemaking. Money, Money, Money! Except that the factory workers in China are dirt broke and their house has concrete floors and half covered roofs.

I do think it’s a bit misleading though - most of the LV monogram stuff is made in a normal bag factory - only the MTO stuff is made like in a workshop like that.

It’s like the difference between couture and ready to wear, infact.

If you don’t think LVMH is about money, then check this out:-

9.598 billion euros :open_mouth:

hahha. thanks shoenista, wow!

lv is nothing but money grabbing whores. who else would charge a ipod cover that cost more then my ipod…and i dont realy care much for their style…simple bag design only cool thing is the print on graphics.

and 280 bucks for a flip flop foam sandal…only dumb asses who want to show off buys them. and i know it only cost them less then 3 bucks to make…
for the rest of us we buy the fakes…AHHHAHA…one time i saw these guys selling the fakes across the streets from the main lv store in NYC…so freaking funny. in china they got malls full of it. makes great gift.

japanese go crazy for LV…i have friends that come over to beverly hills to buy lv stuff…they blew like over 10g in the place and most of the stuff is they bought were stupid platic lv shirt bags for $200 each…WHAT!!! 200 for a plastic cover bag…man freaking crazy ass. man i can go to $1 store get the same bag and put LV logo on it and sell it on ebay…HAHAHAHA.

and they complain about people in china make counterfit and hurt their bottom line. what a load of @&@(#&@. They way over charge on everything and make people pay for stuff that only cost like little to make…they just buying for the logo. and beside most of the people in the US buys the fake ones or got fake ones as simple gifts and some are just as good as the real thing. If i spend money 6 bones on a lv leather bag i wont freaking use it…i get the same fake style and use that rather then risk the 600 dollar bag…

to me a good hand sticher in china is just as good as the one in europe. and who cares about the leather…all from the same types of animal just different in treatment process and by the way over 80 percent of the world leather comes from the US…we ate too many cows…HAHAHAHA…

man i hope that LV ipod cover better have a 60 gig hard drive in there if i was gona pay 2 bones for that…HAHHAHAHA.

just my 2 cents…and i know many of you think the same.

Nothing like a long rant where the poster continually laughs at his own words.

1_ there is a huge difference in leathers, all you have to do is touch them to know that

2_ there is a big difference between a great or shoddy craftsman anywhere in the world, but you are more likely to have a shoddy craftsman in a Chinese knockoff factory. If all you care about is having a logo, you might not notice.

3_ LV way overcharges, I don’t think anyone would argue that, but to their credit, there are a lot of people who don’t care and will still drop a lot of money in an LV store, apparently some are your friends so you claim. It would be more foolish to squander your brand equity and not charge the market value of your products. AAHAHAA.

if brands like lv, gucci, prada, dior…can sell half the stuff they have then good for them just shows how good they are as a company and that their marketing strategies are working.

i see alot of people walking into those kind of stores and buying items without even asking what the price is…just shows how they don’t care what it’s made of, who designed it, what kind of factory made it…they just want it mainly for personal satisfaction and this is where the brand makes $$$$$

i didn’t make any jokes to laugh at but still…AHAHAHHAHA

i love the fact that people can charge that much for stuff. itd be a boring world if there was no excess. LV does some cool stuff, i love these.
meanwhile here in melbourne we are in the middle of a fly epidemic.

I don’t like their designs TBH - I’m not into stuff that is about logos, it makes me shudder!

hit the flys with you brand new lv bag…HAHAH or shoes.

it makes me sick they charge so much. that is why fakes are good. almost the same you can not tell till you check the numbers.


saw LV promotional big LV suitcase in the lower level of hong kong airport.

any of you going into hong should go check it out.

it is real LV…HAHA. they are useing it to promote their new store in HK.

Uhh I dunno - I’ve turned down work from companies whose ethics I don’t agree with. I know I’m not the only one either - a designer friend of mine was hotly pursued by a company I know to be absolute s**ts and made it clear that because of this, she wasn’t interested. I can’t bear corporate culture either - I was never a great employee because if this - why do you think i’m freelance?


Ok, I’m a bit of a hippy and money has never motivated me much, but there are plenty of us out there who do give a f**k!

dude, you are slipping. you need an affiliation with a network of ruthless boosters if your gonna do that sht properly. thats why its sposed to be for rich people.
only wear the fake stuff if its so obviously fake it becomes sought after in its own right. its either utterly horribly bootlegged and looks like it comes from mars, or its stolen, ygetme. you didnt even necessarliy have to steal it yourself. what am i doing on this forum i have no place here and ive got heaps of work to do stop distracting me please. im gonna go paint some nikes.

for an interesting article on the origins of big name brand trends you should google ‘the original Lo Life founders’, a crew of hip hop shoplifters from NYC who stole so much polo in the 80’s they pretty much instigated a whole movement & subsequently a worldwide urban market.
if your innerested.

this is a 55 year old shoe and bag dog talking here.

do something freaking orginal then paint you nike, dumb ass kids you are just feeding the marketing fuel for nike. hell i can break out my old nikes from the 70’s and sell it to you for god knows how much because you think it is retro and let you paint that. or i can go find my dads old 1950’s converse that i bought for him for his birthday when i was a kid and sell it to dumb ass kids like you.

i bought the old nikes because they were comfy and cheap and i ran all the time and they were great not because they were cool. now i see them selling shoes for huge sums of cash and yes given the fact it is more high tech and trendy but heck i am too old for that @$#%^. and when i go to china and see nike try to break in to the china market with shoes costing people their whole month or even 2 month salary…those shoes just collecting dust or when their shoes are just at the sample stage and get conterfited and sold for less…serves them right. they have no freaking idea that people cant afford their stuff that is why they buy the knock offs. hell i can buy you the counterfit classic nikes and sell it to you and you wont even know. they are at the point that it is so good you can not even tell which is scary, that is what we called grade A conterfit and only when you check the numbers or cut open the shoes or small details then you will know. I have my own team of people in asia cracking down on them but it is so pointless now.

as for LV as i read in bussiness week lately they are pumping so much into the rest of the asia market but only small returns. and yes JAPAN is their largest market and yes people there ahev the money for it. hell when you live in a country that charge you $50 for a hamburger yea i think you can afford a LV bag. You know i have seen so many times rich ass japanese man gave LV bags to their japanese hos like gaveing them chocolate and they were like “oh great another lv bag…ok time for bed”…it was even funnier when the japanese market crashed…no one had money and LV took a big hit. and guys cant gave no more lv bags and no more bang bang for them.

But try to sell the stuff in india or china…HAHAHA good freaking luck. you can only sell it to the rich in Shanghi or Hong Kong…i doubt you see a factory office worker buy that … heck they go buy the fake stuff and pretend they are rich. And chinese government dont gave a rats ass about LV so they let the conterfit coming.

and who cares about polo now…all made in asia POS. i hate polo. always get polo stuff for christmas…please stop it with the polo and get me some nice dvd or books.

do something orginal kid and go design some real nice patterns on your own and design your own mark and make your own shoes by hand if you have to or know how and use rare or expensive material that you can get your hands on and try to pimp it. try that then we can talk about branding.

and beside i doubt you can spot a fake lv unless you look at it closely. a lot of the stuff they sell on ebay you can not even tell. same packageing.

for me an old shoe and bag dog…and i mean i am an old fart farting on this form and i have seen it all. i seen the lv production in euro and i can tell you they have the same set up in asia that can do the same crap. it is nothing special to me and i rather see someone that can come up with something orginal and really make it for the select few rather then follow the pack and fuel more money into their fat bottom line.

here is an old man farting.

nah man that fart was golden. respect. im gonna print it out and read it properly.

for the record i nearly got bounced from this forum for hacking on the nike guys paintings - so i was being a bit sarcastic there… (but me & him and yo are all good now cos i said sorry & everything. eh yo.)

i love what your sayin there. & good luck trying to sell me your retro crap mr babyboomer. i hate it more than you do.

as for this:

“…do something orginal kid and go design some real nice patterns on your own…”

your on. see you in the new year.

as for polo… i couldnt give a rats arse about it either. what i do find interesting tho is the Lo Life story (with the shoplifter gang.) its not widely recognised, but it’ll come out eventually. that stuff is cool. its the opposite of what your talking about with consumerism. its so anti-consumerism that the consumers wanted to consume it. kind of like punk was sposed to be. or skateboarding.

i dunno - i gotta stay focussed on the interesting stuff if i want to keep designing, or i will get too jaded & cynical, and have to go back to cutting off pigs heads off for a living.


The funny thing is there are only 2 or 3 people in this topic arguing against themselves (moderators can check IP’s and how many usernames come from each IP, registered and guest, and what their messages were under each unique name… gottal love the internet) so unless you want some wholesale deleting, I’d sharpen it up.