Luxology Modo, any thoughts?

Currently I learned how to render ProE models using this program getting really good results. Now I’m seeing its modeling capabilities and it seems pretty interesting to use.

Has anyone else used this program?

I should also mention that during school I was trained in Alias, and feel that its the closest thing to sketching in 3D. I hadn’t been using it as much considering that the rendering quality isn’t as great utilizing imagestudio, and rendering within Alias can be a pain.

Plus, my boss pushes ProE because its the best way to design with injection molding and engineering in mind. I definitely see the value in learning such a program, but still see its limitations.

Search ‘isdx’ in youtube and check out some of the videos I created then post that proe has it’s limitations. Be careful of making self imposed road blocks.

Pro/E sure needs a new render utility tho. There is the limitation with Pro/ENGINEER

Pro E’s limitation is it’s miserably miserable interface.