So, I usually bring a lunch to work, and have decided it might be more professional to not use a plastic grocery bag. I’m curious what awesomely functional and durable lunch storage solutions people come up with. I’m thinking metal exterior, nuke-able containers, utensil storage. Something I could use for a few decades. I would guess either a flat-ish profile or cylindrical.

I’m after something really timeless, simple, and practical. Any recommendations?

I re-use my chinese takeaway clear plastic boxes. No need to buy something that you can get for free . Couldn’t give a monkees what it looks like either, its a box, and is out of my bag for a maxium of 30 minutes. The food inside makes it look good… normally a monsterous chicken salad!

I wouldn’t know much about lunchbox selections as i’m one of the people who buy food ready-made for every meal. If I did, however, i think I’d go the brown paper bag root? There’s something cool about opening a little parcel …

And to avoid theft:


When I got out if school, I brought my lunch almost everyday for 5 years! I vowed never to bring again! But when I did bring, I always used a small brown bag, its timeless and didn’t take up extra room in the messenger bag I had at the time.

I suggest this, but bring a stick too so you can protect yourself from all the ladies.
Picture 34.png

Nothing screams babe-magnet like a love note from your mom in your lunch box…especially when you’re 30…and with a StarWars lunch box like this your mom is definitely still making your lunch!

It is cool though but i’d prefer a thundercats lunchbox set. :wink:

At some point I asked my wife what kind of lunch box she carried as a kid and she said that she had a Scotch Plaid one; what do you know … another thing we had in common!

She is in management and doesn’t have time to really get out of the office for lunch so I pack her lunch and put it in whatever is handy, usually a paper bag. It’s always a pain trying to find a bag because she always discards it instead of bringing it home for reuse.

I solved the bag dilemma by buying her a vintage Thermos Scotch Plaid lunchbox… she loves it, and gets a lot of " I had one of those" comments.
Scotch plaid.jpg

Lew, you must have scored huge points with the wife on that one!

That is a pretty cool “adult” lunch box. Kind of cute, sophisticated, and kitsch all at the same time. Lunch time conversation starter for sure.

Lew I thought for sure you would post up some classic “hard hat” blue collar lunch pales. There are some beautiful vintage examples out there.

This seems pretty cool. Maybe a little small for my 6’3" American quantity requirements though…

I think I like either this direction or the cylindrical one. Japanese or Classic American.

You could go the classic Indian worker route:

It’s absolutely amazing how they deliver these things everyday.

How I used to roll.

Nice. Don’t hassle the Hoff.

I had this beauty.

How to get beat up in an I.D. office. - Bring this.
Picture 29.png

I’ll raise you one of these.

yeah, pretty cool supply chain system

In the case that a lunch box gets on the wrong path, the code allows it to be set back on the right track – yielding only one mistake per 6 million deliveries according to economic analysis.


That cant be real can it? It’s too hilarious!

Tupperware took over before I was born! Besides over here no one really packs lunch.

The only time my mom packed food for me was when I was in the hospital (everyone hates hospital food).

These are extremely practical for oriental food. With all the different dishes for each compartment. I still have one at home.!

How about a similar concept, but nukeable? I like to heat my food up. =)

How about a > similar concept> , but nukeable?

'kay… how 'bout…?
Nuke Box.JPG