Lunatik TakTik iPhone case

Has anyone else funded this Kickstarter or obtained this case?

Being the perpetual klutz, I participated in the KS project, and got my case two weeks ago. Its been fun slamming it on the ground and into walls. The solidity and build quality are impressive, and the responsiveness of the Gorilla Glass layer is pretty amazing.

That said, there are a couple of pain points. Its nearly impossible to clean around the outer Glass screen as its bonded to the front plastic bezel. Interface elements near the edges and corners become harder to activate due to the thickness of the bezel. You also have to press hard on the Home button and the top power button to activate the iPhone switch, although that effort seems to be lessening.

I know lots of people (the VP of Design at Apple included) dislike cases, but for protection and distinctiveness this case is a winner.


If you received this case, why not post your actual photos instead of idealized pre-production renders? (Though it is interesting to see how they handle the mute switch.)

Also, how is the reception? It reminds me of this case, which turned out to be a complete disaster:

I couldn’t take a photo of my actual case because my phone (thus camera) was in it! :slight_smile: I will disassemble and shoot a pic…

Reception is fine. No difference noted. some headphone plugs have fit issues. The main functionality issues are in the screen corners, like I mentioned.

slippy, not being an iPhone user, what’s the red (or yellow), cam-like, flippy-uppy-looking thingy do?

It’s the safety pin for the grenade app.

now I’m gettin’ an iPhone! :wink:

It’s a cover for the headset port.

OK guys, here are some detail photos of the disassembled TakTik case, taken with the mediocre camera on my iPhone4. The first shows the backside of the Gorilla Glass that is bonded to the front bezel. Its important to keep this backside clean too, for best capacitive performance. Despite keeping it clean, somehow little black bits of dust seem to end up under the Gorilla Glass…usually after a tumble.

The second photo is the area where the iPhone 4 sits, and the Mil-spec detail.

Third photo is a detail of the headphone port cover, and the mute switch toggle. The mute switch toggle works well, but the headphone port will only accept a longer, skinny, in-line as opposed to L-bend headphone plug. So my Incase headphones don’t plug in perfectly.