Lunar iPad engineering analysis


Interesting watch. Wish we learned this kind of stuff in school as designers.

Pretty cool. A nice companion to that video is the iFixit teardown with higher-res images:


I am going to show this video to one of my naive start-up clients who thinks product design is “simple.” He kept telling me, “it’s just a box.” What he and many I run into don’t realize is that a seemingly simple design on the surface actually takes a lot of thinking and work to create. Things are often not as simple as they may appear on the surface when you consider meeting real world requirements. There are all sorts of considerations from regulatory to EMI, cost, assembly, tolerances, etc…

Love this - Thanks for sharing the flick!

Wow…that is a great video! I never noticed that the Apple logo was plastic.

Rad! Loved the toolpath-matched speaker housing.

That guy from the intro looks super-duper serious. Also, the explanations are easy to understand, good video from these guys.

According to the Wall Street Journal the new iPad is in production.

Very nice analysis.

nice! thanks for sharing!

Very cool and informative. Thanks for that!