lunar design

Can anyone tell me about lunar design in SF. I heard they go through people pretty quick. A friend of mine said they hired a few people earlier in the year and let them go a month later. That’s pretty rough considering SF living expenses. But who knows how good their work was too.

wow, 89 views with no responses! I guess that says something about lunar

I don’t think it says much.

I interned with Lunar several years ago and it was a great experience. A really intelligent and focused team that worked really hard. I learned a lot. Most people stayed there for quite a while. Some of the staff designers I worked with at the time are still there and are senior designers now.

I know they are very selective about who they hire full-time, so if there is any truth to your friend’s comments about some people leaving abruptly, perhaps it just wasn’t a good fit and didn’t work out (not trying to be mean, just speculating).

I suppose it’s possible things have changed, but I would be surprised, as I think the management team is largely the same.

My $0.02.

I met one of the partners at some IDSA shindig, I think it was Gerard Furbershaw, but it was years ago so I really don’t remember. Really down to earth, cool guy. Spent a lot of time talking to us chump, punk, fresh out of school designers, dropping knowledge on us. I think he was also chairman of the APDF for awhile, which sucks up considerable free time. I don’t first hand what the firm is like, but I have a hard time believing a guy like that is horrible to work for.

was it you that really lost the job? if it was you then stay in Chicago if it wasn’t you then tell your friend to stay there

good place to work if you like medical stuff from what i hear.

they did the new zim type phone, it’s pretty cool.