luminescent carpaint


I am looking for a technology which enables a normal paint surface to become luminecent. Nissan used this technology on their qashqai concept. The blinker lights are invisible (incorporated in the paint) until they lighten up.

  • are there other examples of suchlike implication (other products)?
  • can anyone tell me a bit more about the technology?


maybe it’s not so clear what I mean. Check out some pics of the car on this url:

the orange light (blinker) on the front fender uses this technology…(foto6)


i had that idea once, where the headlights would be invisible in just such a manner (on a Corvette Stingray)
There’re some modems which use a similar principle you may be talking about. Although it’s not electro luminescent paint (could be OLED by the way) the plastic lens ismade of a transluscent plastic and works like a 2-sided mirror. Where when the light is off, the light area will blend in with the surrounding area and when the light is on it lights it up.