Luigi Colani passes away at 91

He never seemed to be much of this world, ever.

Very sad to see him go, he was a big influence on my design formation. His designs ran the gamut from inspirational and elegant, to disproportionate and wacky. But I have always loved his planes, and there was often a lot of thought behind his design choices.

The world could do with a few more mad genius designers like him.

An online Colani museum with some of his work: Introduction
A photo gallery showing of lots of his designs: Pictures and Photos - Getty Images

Sad to see he has passed. I had a project based on Luigi Colani at school, it was eye opening to see the crazy experimental forms of his ideas.

Tremendous inspiration, overtly or subconsciously. I’m sure many of us yearn to do work like that.

his trucks and especially piano blew my mind, before I knew what ID was I knew that’s what I wanted to do

Upon reviewing my first Vis Com assignment at the start of my first year at CCS, my teacher (Tom Molyneaux) said, “Snider, look up Luigi Colani - your approach and vision of form is similar to his.” I love his work - it’s a product of Dr. Seuss meets Mad Scientist. Tom is an amazing instructor, by the way - living in the warmth of Florida now but I bet he’s still wearing purple socks.

I saw his design of hypersonic planes a few years ago. I was at the beginning of my own career back then and I was pretty impressed. He was definitely far ahead of a time. I wish his planes could fly. I would be one of the first people to book a flight.

Mr. Colani has always been like a guru to me. I have some collector item books of his with lots of sketches that I still use to this day. How he managed to create original concepts that were soundly based on science was ahead of the time. Some of his work looks fit for a theme park - but there actually is a lot of reasoning behind it. He was one of the greats.

Hmm. I always saw him as a rich guy who was rather brash and had a somewhat adolescent aesthetic.