Has anything really innovative gone to market in the luggage industry lately?

I am trying to find some new gear and everything looks so dated to me…


Not sure how innovative it is, but Tumi makes some snazzy stuff. they’re innovative in their detailing.

Tumi is really cool. They have a great line of expensive but very nice gear.
International Traveller makes a nice line of rolling suitcases. They are made of Polycarbonate, and are pretty sweet.

… can any of it be used as a weapon? :open_mouth:

I suppose “innovative” is too broad to describe what I mean.

I am looking for a carry on bag that holds enough clothing for 1 week of travel, without traveling too light. This would entail a system of organizational measures not found on any of the luggage I have currently looked at.

Am I asking for too much?

The only problem with Tumi (and a lot of other ‘well designed’ luggage) - is if you don’t travel in business class (and particularly outside of the USA where carry-on weight limits are often really small),their carry-on bags are so heavy, even with nothing in them, you are over your weight allowance even if you only have a pen and pad in there. :laughing:

If I ever start my own line - it won’t be shoes, it will be luggage, because every bag I ever use invariably has a design fault.

If you want stylish luggage - how about Mandarina Duck?

I did luggage for a few years. To me the best thing you can do is to go with a duffle. Everything stays squishy so it can fit in odd spaces and you have a variety of carry options that won’t hurt if you bang yourself or someone. Most luggage is just too much bulk and structure to protect your clothes from breaking?!. Majority of the weight is to get a handle and wheels in there and structure for them but something as small as a carry on you should be able to lift or wear as a backpack unless you’re carrying lots of stuff other than clothes (files, etc). There’s too much structure in carry ons for what they’re primarily used for (clothing). Basic duffle, maybe a wheeled one if you have heavy things. Surround the fragile stuff with your clothes. Put a thin stiff board on the bottom for some structure and to be against your back if you use the carrry handles as shoulder straps (backpack style).