Luggage concept currently on core77's blog...

This is a nice concept, but I don’t think much thought was put into it tipping over from side-to-side while walking or turning corners, taking stairs, small steps down or ramps at an angle. When your jammed into an elevator amongst all the other sardines and your on the door with your luggage facing the door, because that is the way you happen to fit in, you typically have to push your luggage instead of pull it due to the lack of movement that can be negotiated. When I exit I cross the crack on an angle to minimize the force/effort needed to complete the movement. This also can be completed easier with the traditional style luggage because of its wider wheelbase.

Put aside the flaws, I do like the design though. It’s clean.

I find it hard to see past the tipping problem. Unfortuantely it looks too much like an old beige PC case for my taste.

Question: What is, I just saw slide #4 with the “weight” call out arrow.

F**k…does anyone know how to get coffee out of keyboards? I was dumb enough to read Deez’ post with a mouthful of manly vanilla latte.

You know I always look for the good things to point out… but…

Functionally, as pointed out… tipping and leverage would be a problem. For anyone that has designed luggage, you know those large wheels would eat up a lot of internal volume being that the housings are wider all the way around.

Aesthetically, looks like a PC tower as pointed out. White is not a good color for check in luggage…

Overall it looks like it might have been a modeling exercise. Good to have those, but a few hours at the airport watching people would have probably gotten him a lot more info… and maybe arrested.

These won a red dot award… and they are red: the 360 turning wheels, hard corners, but flexible textile panels are all great functional niceties.

Actually, that will be a really nice PC case design. I happen to move my PC from place to place more often than I should, that will be perfect.

As a lagguage, I don’t see anything good about it.

I just flew over 8000miles, still suffering from jet lag.
As a traveller, I can care less about how a lagguage looks. It’s how much it can hold on the inside that interests me. Many lagguages, as Yo mentioned, have those irritating wheel casings that prevents me from organizing my things as efficiently as I want to. Here I would move the larger wheels to the side, exposing them so that I can create as much internal space as possible. I like how they are large but flat.

On the other hand, I also got fined abt $25 for over-weight lagguage. It’s to protect the well being of airline staffs when carrying the lagguages in order to reduce the amount of insurance spent. Well, how about designing a lagguage from that stand point? Someting easy to lift and stacked. Something that takes the least external volume but still gives plenty of interior storage? Something with a size and form that will ensure its safe and smooth journey through the miles of conveyor belts so that staffs don’t need to clear it manually?

I don’t see how “ergonomic” it is with regards to easy tilting with all those weight hanging so far out. It’s simple physics.

Also, space in length wise will mean that a queue of passengers for lagguage check-in will just get longer. More space, fewer people—> inefficient—> bad idea.

For me, 3 features that I want in lagguages.
1.) If I carry 2 of the same lagguages, which many do, they can be combined or attached to each other for easy travelling, so that I don’t even need a trolley.

2.) When being hulled around, there should be a place where I can just rest my carry ons so I can have a free hand to carry my passport when moving from immigration to the customs.

3.) I want it to be designed to be sit on while waiting for delays or buddies who are supposed to pick you up(I think it’s been done before).

Lastly, I will put handles at all 4 sides of the lagguage. You never know from which side one will pull theirs out of their car trunks.

wow, somedays core forum topics jsut make my day. today is one of them.

100% on all the above points. hopefully indeed this was only a modelling excercise or the body of a young designer in France is now being pulled out of the La Siene River, or scrapped of the pavement below the Eiffel tower.

Scanning the core77 home page quick over morning coffer, I actually DID think it was PC case with wheels. Thought that was actually a pretty good idea and didnt think anything more until i read this thread.

Got to add my own 0.02$ worth too…

Why are the sides of the case embossed in? wouldnt that give you less space than possible. I could imagine an embossing adds strength, but surely poping them out would also add interior volume…

nice modelling skills though, in any case (no pun intended). too bad however that so often good modelling, sketching, rendering is confused for good design (ref my earlier post someplace about the car industry producing crap vs. fancy car renderings).


nice modelling skills though, in any case (no pun intended). too bad however that so often good modelling, sketching, rendering is confused for good design (ref my earlier post someplace about the car industry producing crap vs. fancy car renderings).

This is actually my beef with the “coroLuv” feature on Core77. Although well intentioned, it tends to be an eye-candy contest as opposed to showcasing good design practices. This is a great example, a nice looking 3D model that displays some good lighting and composition, but severely lacks in other areas.

just emailed the designer to let them know about the discussion here. would be interested in hearing the design intent and thinking behind it.


That will take the wind out of his/her sails.

some good comments on the actual blog post:

Having done luggage design, I question this concept. While beautiful in shape, the tendency for weight to pull it to one side or another is much greater than the current “smaller wheels at the wide edge of the base.” Although this design would allow some ease of going down the aisle of an aircraft interior, the overall imbalance of use (for example, moving quickly through an airport) would render this design problematic.

Nice aesthetic, but opens the door to more problems than solutions.


Posted by George

I think its an interesting idea, though I question the functionality of this config. Such a narrow placement of the wheels would make it very unstable. I know its a concept, but how do you get your stuff in there? I like the integration of the handle along its backside.

I’m a huge rollaboard fan and try to minimize large checked baggage like this. I would prefer to pull two rollaboards, or one rollaborad and one hanging bag (that slides onto the rollaboard telescoping handle) than one big bag. Avoiding checking is one reason, but it’s also just more usable.

I think the unmet needs surround the utilities while in the process of traveling. I’m always looking for a work surface and cup holder while at the gate for instance.

cup holder at the gate?
try business class lounge. haha . J/K

Hi everybody,

I see that my concept causes a lot of discussion and controverse… and maybe it is the purpose of that kind of concept. I’m not a luggage specialist at all and I designed this luggage about 3 years ago when I was at school.
I’m still working on this concept to make it more realistic and efficient, so obsiously it’s not perfect yet. But I think though that I have developed some interesting features that are not very explored in luggage design until now :

  • the weight balance is really optimized in a new, simple and unique solution.
  • The wheels are totally integrated in the doors, so they don’t interfere at all with the content and facilitate the access to the interior space (more renderings in progress). About stability, such luggages with wheels on the side already exists and are quite stable.
  • The compact shape is optimized for being carried without precautions by airport people, for taking less place as possible, and protect the content efficiently.
  • The aesthetics is quite new.
  • I agree that the white/beige color is not the better color for a luggage but I like it.
  • This is not a 3d exercise at all.

Thanks for all the comments and critics. I will keep this in mind for future development.

Your portfolio is great!!!
To all: Please visit his webpage…
Everything there is very very cool, I can say I liked everything there except for the luggage!! I don’t understand, from all your projects, the one and only that has a lot of design faults is the one that gets posted on the coroflot main page…better luck next time!!

Thanks Rosita :smiley:

Definitely a nice portfolio website. A lot of the tablet sketches in the gallery are very good.

Very nice portfolio site, you cover a lot of area with good examples, very cool. The video is a nice touch, I like that it show up right on the first page. I’m going to have to make a teaser video of my own. Give yourself pat on the back and good luck with the job search!