LSD site

Hi we have just launched our new site.

We trired to keep it simple. Do you think it is too simple?

All comments are appreciated.


There ya go, now you are in the right section.

Super clean site, I think it puts the emphasis on the product design! And you guys have quite a lot of product design to show off, so no need to fuss it up with bells and whistles. My only point is I would love to see some process, just a hint of it, but maybe this isn’t necessary? Maybe you want potential clients to want to see process and contact you to bring you in for a presentation?

Great work.


We really appreciate the feedback

…less is more…your work speaks for itself, very well done…i’ll be checking back for the coming soons.

Tapp, Aaron here. The site looks very bold and graphic overall with great final product images and just enough descriptive text to leave you wanting more. The coming soon products are always a good idea (as long as they actually do) to keep people coming back for more. Kudos for not including a tired ‘process/how we work’ section, everyone looking at product design website knows how it works by now.
Constructive Criticism now, the ‘lifestyle’ header images (rock band, turntable, etc.) don’t work. The products don’t directly relate, rock bands are too raw for refined Infinity speakers, the turntable and skater images relate to nothing in your body of work or intended branding. It appears a forced effort to tie yourself to the youth culture markets. I would consider replacing or rethinking those images. I would also link the previous static page to auto load to the new site.
Side Note - We, Brian and I, have been launching our own design consultancy, So far, just completed taking over a project from Astro Studios for Forum Snowboards. Website is only static page now, but final website in the flash build stages, will keep you posted when we go live. Take care.

Shameless self plug… I love it. Look forward to seeing the full site Aaron.

I like it. Where you take foto with text ‘‘SKLADIÅ TÄš’’ ? It touched my hearth, cause its written in my native language.

Yo, shameless plug indeed, as a newly-formed design consultancy we have to take every promotional chance we can get. I appreciate the kind words coming from such a respected member of this community, would you mind if I sent you a sample of the website visuals, I would love to hear your opinion? I used to work right down the road from you in Hillsboro at Pinnacle Exhibits and hope to return to Portland within the year.
Tapp, hope all is well. I hope my mesage about the header images didn’t come across wrong, really was trying to help out and be constructive. Take care.

I meant shameless plug in the good way :wink: I love when people show their work, it’s how we all get better and learn from one another. In this way we raise the bare on the collective community.

Thank you for the kind words, I would love to take a sneak preview of the stuff, I’m pretty certain it it will be hot!

Good old Hillsboro, when was the last time you lived up here? Its changing fast, lots of good stuff going on.