Loyalty Contracts between design and manufacturer

I’m a designer but also acting as manufacturer for a furniture lines. On some of the pieces I will be collaborating with other designers and artists. But I have absolutely no ideas as to where I go to find/buy/assist in contracts between the parties.
I ran into this problem a few months ago with no resolution when collaborating with architects on a house design. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Legal Forms for the Designer; by Lee Epstein, 1977.
I have this book and have found it to be valuable on more than one ocassion. It is currently offered on eBay for $3.98US. No on-line review is available, but from personal experience, I would recommend it.

Amazon.com has several used copies for as little $11.98US

Amazon.com also has:
Business and Legal Forms for Industrial Designers, by Tad Crawford, 2005.
It’s content can be reviewed on-line. Click on: “Search inside this book”

But, unless you are in Oslo, North Dakota (a real AMERICAN city) these books may not be of much ‘legal’ value to you. They would help you recognize problem(s) in advance, and give you some idea how to address them in Norway (assuming you are in Norway) :slight_smile: