Loyal Souls New Clothing Brand

Hey What’s up everyone?! I wanted to start a Discussion to generate the Buzz if my new project and adventure of starting my own Clothing Brand Loyal Souls. I have always had the idea and concept behind this all and finally decided to put all of my skills and ideas to good use. I went to college for Industrial Design and graduated from Wentworth in Boston,MA in 2010. I have been doing my best in this downfall of the American Economy these past few years to Keep my head up and my eyes on my future and career goals. I have decided that it was time that I do something of my own to Step up to the plate and to really Go for it All.

Loyal Souls is a new streetwear/urban Clothing Brand: “Loyal to the Brand” Words to Live by
I have always loved Design and the streetwear and Sneaker Culture! I loved going to school in Boston and seeing different cultures and people wear what they wanted to show off their own unique style and look and thats what I have always been about and the culture keeps growing in cities Like New York, Boston, L.A, Chicago and Miami. I have always dreamed about doing something like this and seeing people become successful doing this type of stuff had inspired me and as well as the Show on HBO How to Make it in America!! I read about the show before season 1 aired and loved it from the first episode and I can relate to Ben and Cam so I have decided to Finally accept the Challenge and start this Brand.

All comments and suggestions are welcomed. So please Spread the Word and let’s Get Loyal Souls out there!
Keep your head up and always hustle and put in the hardwork and dedications and anything is achievable!!
Sky is the Limit

Facebook Page: Loyal Souls
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LoyalSouls