low quantity custom printed packaging.


I’m working on a project that calls for some packaging. We want stock, high end, boxes which are custom printed. Have any of you fine fellows got a suggestion of where to look for quotes on this? I googled around yesterday but didn’t find much in the way of high-end or low-ish quantity. By “low-ish” I mean >400 units for the first run. Thanks

There are a number of packing/printing companies located in the twin cities. Most do nice work an probably small quantity for a price.

caps57 in Chicago. they do a ton of mock up work. find Tom Kane.

400 might be getting a bit high, but ask him and I’m sure he’ll figure something out.




I use someone different for every one.

I think SBS with something nice. Right off the bat it could just be hand made prototypes what is going inside is expensive. Thanks

For SBS I currently use CartonCraft in St. Charles.

Low quality packaging always causes things are broken down.