Low cost product design from £50 to £100 per day

Welsh Moonlight Design has over 10 years experience and
will aid small companies who have a need for product design

Concept to production 3D data is charged
at flat rate of between £50 to £100 per day.

In some cases we will take a royalty fee on units sold,
rather than pay a design fee.


Peter M Rees
Design Consultant


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…I’m speechless. what a great price@@

No wonder the design industry is losing any value it once had…how much support do you get from the welsh assembly…


No websit.

Just pay50% upfont and hope for the best.

I’m moonlighting!

That was not my post.

I do have a website. But you need to enter your email address and recieve a pass code.

Non Elistist need not apply.

Thank you.

P. Rees.

First 10 customers recieve crispy crab rangoons.

Hey man! you copied that from me!
You couldn’t see innovation if it was shitting in your doorstep.

you twit.

50 USD per hour should be a good place to start if you have a few years under you and you don’t suck. It’s people like you that make sure we make less than our friends in advertising! Get a grip and stop driving down the profession for the rest of us.


P.S. get a job in starbucks

Are you kidding me… That’s not enough money for me to even think about working for you…

You need to step it up to at least $50 an hour US…!!!
Good luck in finding some high school student to work for you.

royalty fees should be 5% to 8% of the holesale price!!!

No way… more like 10%…
I’ll work for you!!

I’ll work for you for $75 US an hour with half paid up front and the balance paid within 30 days of completion or 10% royalties on the wholesale price of the product. Conceptual development is a lot of work not to mention 3-D CAD work.
Designers shouldn’t sell them self short and this is a great rate in the US for good design.

Will work for money!

I take it you are actually searching for designers to employ?

Email me if you’d like to see a copy my portfolio

Nick Duncombe
(UK based [currently])


some people just dont have the brains…