low budget

How do you guys convince your boss that it is imperative to be willing to spend a decent amount of money so that his designers will be able to work more efficiently rather than waiting all day for a photoshop image to load on a shithouse mofo of a machine?

Here i am having trouble with a boss who wants everything quick and yet is still trying to find ways and means of getting costs lower. at the same time, i am unable to perform my job as ideally as i want to because i am totally unable to.

you guys have had the same problem?

please advise.

i am nearly up to “there” with this BS.

If u have little interest in the job,u can simply leave.
If u still want to stay,u can stick to the thing which u think is proper and ideal,i am sure that ur ability will be realized sooner or later.

Charge by hour and he’ll get a faster machine