lovely shoe/sneaker hybrids

you may have seen em, but if not - check out for some lovely shoe/sneaker hybrids.
this one is a personal favourite: the parker

just the right amount of shoe, just the right amount of sneaker.

anybody else know any good sneaker/shoe hybrids? I hate wearing proper, “smart” shoes. always make me feel too uptight, so I have a collection of sneakers that will also pass for smart shoes, and am always on the lookout for more!

Have a look at gourmet shoes. I really like their stuff along with clae’s.

Loads of shoes like this in the footwear subforum by the way.

wingtip vans are amazing and uber classy to me.

i would also go with the gola stride

i see you with your vans styleR ! :slight_smile:

To me to those are a little TOO much of a hybrid. uber stylish maybe, not sure about classy! j/k. But its cool tho. Alot of the stuff i work on ends up lingering around this category (sneaker shoe hybrid that is, not necessarily the vans).

how bout these?

Haha, the vans keep me in touch with the youth.

Remember back a few years when JB was making some real slick stuff on the side? The Stivale, TwoThree Elegante(I think that’s what it was called) and even the AJVI boot was awesome. Makes me wish I didn’t have to sell my collection.

That gola stride shoe looks pretty awesome.

I like these gravis shoes a lot when i saw them, mainly the lows.

I wonder why all these hybrids always have to come with a white sole… that completely ruins the smart look.

IPATH have had a couple of nice ones before, not so much now according to website, except:

oh yeah! thanks for reminding me about those models. is doing some of my absolute favourite shoes, sad to say i only own one pair.

Picked these up recently: Converse by John Varvatos
Picture 4.jpg
Picture 3.jpg
Picture 2.jpg

yea man some cool stuff on there. 50 pounds is not bad price either, would like to see the shoes in person. Half of their line is wallabees! :open_mouth: they are nice though.