LoveFrom - Jonny Ives

LoveFrom has a website.
Keep refreshing the site. Made me smile!

Thanks for sharing, I’ve been looking for this site to pop up!

so much for minimalism, huh? not what I’d expect for a sustainable award design…about as old timey as it can get.

May be the point though, no?
I like it. It conveys sustainability, no actually - longevity - for me.
I’m curious what Jony put into this. Direction alone or actual craft?

That’s a pretty seal.
I can’t take this love from stuff seriously. Its been nearly two years and no real news. He’s richer than God so I can’t imagine what kind of work he’d want to spend his time doing. Doing a HRH monarchy initiative like this suggests he’s looking more for power and top-level prestige than a pedestrian multi-MM$ paycheck. I bet he’s doing one-off 24K furniture designs for Middle East royalty and building a bona fide James Bond villain castle someplace.

how’d that client meeting go, “love this first concept Jony, love your work at apple altogether, but were looking for something more, I don’t know, perhaps something flowery perhaps baroque feeling? that’d be just great.”