Love sketching...would love advice

Good points and I agree. Anyone that has taken my sketch classes can verify this is a good drill to do a lot of!

These are the kind of pages i do everyday to warm up. Thought i would posr them up to see if you think its a good process or if i should do more. I do one page where i do straight lines and ellipses and then i flip it and do boxes upon boxes in 3 point, let me know what you think of the line quality

@ Blaster
I am designing and preparing my portfolio and should have a coroflot by the end of thanksgiving break :smiley:

Im sorry i havent posted in a few days but my studio projects are getting closer to their deadlines so things might slow down here for a bit. I did some form exploration trying to follow the advice you guys are giving me on building 3D objects inspired by a video on I used newsprint because its been a while since i switched up my medium but i dont think im going to be doing that often because of the scan quality. Let me know what you think.


Good improvement, keep the volume of work up because it helps!

lots of ovals going on in there… push beyond your default details. For the shavers, are those the best perspectives to show your design? I was doodling some razors myself the other day…

@ Brett

When i first started sketching i idolized Scott Robertson and recently got his book “Lift off”. I am going to try and get back to that draw through method and see how it helps develop my style. Hopefully ill have some time to post up some work. Thanks for all the advice everyone i really appreciate it!

Hey everyone,

Im sorry that i havent been posting, but we had a big project due and we presented today. These sketches are part of some stuff i did for this project. Now that everything is finished ill have a lot more time to post up some more stuff. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Some more ideation

These were all part of a chair design for a metro train we did. this last piece is the final render, the final sketch is yet to be scanned and i will upload that soon. Any advice would be appreciated

Hey Ayan, what year are you right now at VT?


I am a third year designer (junior level)

OK, I am waiting to see some more Sketchbook Pro images here based on our workshop yesterday!

So Jeff Smith came into town and i was inspired by his workshop. I learned the true art of using sharpie and line work with ball pen. Here is this weeks attempts at trying to soak in some of his theory (and his form work :smiley: ). Its a break away from my typical style so a lot of my sketches look a little tight but if you can see anything to help these sketches to the next level that would be great. These are just the ones i thought were the best out of my weeks pile.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

This was my first attempt to use my own sketches as overlays


ballpoint, trying to focus on layout of the page as well as line weight…

Awesome . . . I especially love the ballpoint sketches. Have you tried putting a Sharpie outline around a ballpoint sketch yet? Sometimes it can be a little much for a delicate pen drawing, but other times it really makes things pop.

I like the last Ball point watch sketch and the trace over dust-buster. You can see how the lines flow better (application).

Thanks man! i have some new sketches i am going to put that go with that idea.

Yeah im really starting to sense a difference when i lay over and trace a sketch.

So i have rekindled my love for newsprint and a drive to start getting better at marker rendering. I understand that the perspective on these cars are pretty bad and i am still working on that. Any advice pertaining to the style and the rendering would be much appreciated,