Love Shoes?


My name is Reuben Arnold and I am just about to graduate from my BA
Footwear design course in De Montford University. I thought that you lot
would be interested in coming to are final year show - one in London
Covent Garden during the London graduate week and one in Leicester
during the University degree shows and really NEED sponsorship.
We’re offering space in our magazine which will hopefully circulate the
upper end of the London fashion scene.
Anything would be immensely appreciated and we would really like to see
you guys there anyway.
I look Forward to hearing from you
Thank you
Reuben Arnold
tel: 07854375641
My I also invite you to attend The Covent Garden Show on the 7th & 8th of June.
And the Degree show on the 16th till the 22nd of June

If you are interested Please contact me.

Thanks for posting this, sounds like it will be cool, wish I could make it.

Can you post pics or video’s from the show?

I will try and take some film and a couple of picts, to let you see how it goes down. I really hope that we get some people from industry i hope that many folks will come to the show
Ahh well back to the grind

Does anybody know of any one at Puma that could come to this show. I think that they have a office in London