lost: link to online gallery of old furniture design

I was trying to do some historical research on office furniture, “mid-century modern” style in particular, but also designers and manufacturers.
The goal is to get an understanding of where furniture design was and how this is being re-created or re-issued today.

I had stumbled upon an awesome website that had hundreds of photos of tables, chairs, and other related products but I forgot to bookmark the site and now for the life of me I can’t find it.
I thought is was called “encyclopedia of design” or something like that, but I’ve so far been unable to re-find the site.
You could also search by manufacturers and designers.

Does anybody out there know the name of this site or anything similar?

thanks for the help peeps!

bump for the OP’s link. i think i had been to this website before as well. i pulled down a LOT of images for reference and now i don’t have them anymore. i could sure use them right now. :frowning:

This might be what you are looking for…


I have collect a lot of information of old and historical furniture and it has lot of image about the old furniture but i missed it just because of my laziness.But i will try to find that lost link and shared to everyone.