Lost in trend shift....

Recently I have been looking to get a pair of jogging shoes(sneaker type). I used to be able to get them in Asia. They are probably the lower range in terms of price as compared to most other sports shoes. Nothing fancy, but does the job( daily walking).

So the pair I have been wearing is about 2.5 years old. I wear it to school, to the shops and just about everywhere else. It’s wearing out. So I looked at the current lineup of shoes in the store, and none of them are what I want.

The trend has changed obviously, and now it’s “the shinier the better”. Lot’s of gloss and bling, or massive “air cusion” or spring compartment. I am thinking," Why the hell would I want to put so much weight on my feet?!" Also, personal experience tells me that the more fancy they are, the shorter they last.

Sports shoes definitely has changed in terms of audience. People buy and wear them for fashion purpose mostly, but it’s kinda hard to believe that not even one pair is delicated to people who wants real performance. Perhaps I am wrong, or that I have not looked hard enough. What’s with this bling thing( from McDonald’s, Burger King to automotive and shoes)? Do we have to put spinners everywhere?

I’m kinda overwhelmed by such market shift. It seems that the whole emphasis is on the hip-hop culture, and I suppose the risk of losing the other side of the market is too insignificant to be noticed.

My latest project is closely trend related. I will have to work extra hard to find a direction for myself.

You can find them, just gotta filter out the tacky colored options. I’m a big walker. I normally live and breathe nike’s. Once you go to those air cushions, you’ll never go back to a regular sole. One year I needed a new pair but everything available was just too tacky looking so I had to trade and get some NB. They were also very nice, felt like walking on a cloud. They use some kind of foam, no air.
Personally, I go for the sport/hiker hybrid types, “trail-runners” I think they may be called. Nike ACG’s, etc. Very comfortable, and they last. The one’s with the better grip normally the soles wear down the quickest, gotta choose your battle. I usually keep mine for 2-3 yrs, til I wear down to the air bladder. But they’re still comfortable, the uppers are still strong and in good shape, they just wheeze when I walk. Normally takes that long before I find another pair that I would wear with my regular clothes. Just can’t stand those loud color schemes.

See stores such as running stores, surf shops, skate shops, street wear shops. These brands are good, Diadora, Puma, Converse, New Balance. They usually make old school design which are cool. Do not go to big sporting goods store. Also, buy this mag called “SportsWear International” it will give all the trends in fashion without that crappy Hip Hop influence. This should give u the idea of where to start.

a few of my favorites, you can find them other places cheaper, but you gotta dig.

I rock this pair more and more

One of my all time tops

Super comfy: the Zoom Haven

Probably my most comfortable pair- a predecesor to the presto

The dunk is classic

Hard to find these in what is called “big box” retail. Look in small shops, even Zoomies and Journy’s, 2 growing mall chains, will have better stuff than footlocker. Finnish line has a slightly better selection. Slightly. The product is there. Suppot it.

You can get some cheaper versions here:


This guy is $50 on Niketown.com bro

Also this shoe, the free 5.0 trainer, rocks. It works like you foot does, instead of glueing a non flexable brick of foam to your foot, it flexes the way your foot wants to.

The story:


Thanks for the replies. Nah the shoes isn’t so important, I can get them anytime. What’s bothering me is the magnitude of how everything is trying to get the hip-hop population such that it almost seems as if no one else exists. I see good and bad, but of course the bad part always stands out more than the good.

Anyways, I was surprised to find this:

I wish it wasn’t blue though…
I still like running shoes better.

OMG lots ugly looking shoes…!
But I like the third one-how it looks like, but don’t know how it feels like.

You live in Detroit right?


Selection varries based on location dude. The selection is going to be targeted based on what the top selling products are in that area.

Molested, that’s the vein I was talking about. That kind is perfect for us all day nomadic walkers. You can find similar that’s lighter / more breathable material. The ACG line is very nice in this category. I’m getting a new pair as soon as I can find a color combo that works with my street clothes and isn’t sold out. Why are good looking 12 1/2’s so hard to find? Do they not make as many that size or are those the main sellers and always sold out?

RIGHT!! Detroit… that answers it all. Well but not really. I spend my summer at Baltimore this year and I get the same impression.

ACG… I got to check them out then.

Well, one thing is I will wear it to the shop to make my models and what not, so it’s going to take a lot of beating and foam and wood dusts. I will feel bad about hurting too good or flashy looking shoes. That’s why currently mine is dark grey. It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty cus you can’t tell anyways.

YO, you are awesome. I like the second set of pictures or your all time tops. I love that classic look. What’s is the name of that sho and do they still sell them? Also, do you have anymore pictures and names that are like that? Of all the people here, you are the most positive!!!

Thanks for the props, I don’t get many of those.

The shoe is the Escape my friend. You can get it @ Niketown.co for $70 in two colorways

Here’s the link direct


more retro? go here

The Escape is neat! I wish they don’t have such striking color for the black version, or else I am definitely giving it a try.

YO, Airburst is nice. Did u design that? can u show us some of the shoes you have designed(100% or 10% contribution)?


Detroit- #1 Urban Market
NYC- #2
Baltimore- #3 Urban Maket

The two regions you looked in will have almost identical selection, no need to be sour. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. NYC has one of the best selections of product in the US based on the diversification of small to big retailers and consumers. I would check out the active life product, but I’m biased. The ACG re-releases that are going on there are cleaner.

Me, Airburst? No unfortunately, that shoe is actually from the 90’s

The only products that I’ve done that are out are limited edition products specificly designed for small retailers like Barney’s NY, Fred Segal ect. Soon they should hit better department stoors like Nordstroms.

Within the next month more of my products will be hitting the market.

Here’s a couple. not new, but updated

Yo, just wondering, as a designer for Nike, where alse can you go if you wish to move on hypothetically still within Nike? What are rhe options if you wish to move on?

Nike alum’s have a lot of oportunity, though people don’t leave often. There are designers here that have been on staff for 20 years and more.

There are lots of options withing the company of course, and it is highly encouraged to move around to other groups. The guy that sits next to me started in the brand design (graphics) group. Another did 10 years in aparel before coming over to footwear.

On a side note, I feel that the talent level is so high that it has improved my skills dramaticly, both in implementing and envisioning design solutions. It lifts you up and pushes you. The stuff I’m doing now I feel like didn’t even know how to appreciate before. Maybe I just sucked before I came on, I’m not sure. It is an addictive atmosphere where creativity encouraged (for the most part). For me it would be hard to leave it.

For those that have left, the Nike name on the resume (in adition to everything they learned while here) has got them far. A friend of mine opened a cunsulting firm with a few other partners and when he says he spent 6 years at Nike it is usually the deal maker for clients. Nike went from a guy making shoes in his wife’s waffle iron an another guy selling shoes out of the back of their car at high school track meets in Oregon, to a 12 billion dollar business on the back of design (product and advertising) if you are part of a grown group within the organization, it usually holds a touch of clout.

I feel pretty much the same way. About 8 years ago I got sick of all the hideous looking basketball shoes with foam rubber sparkly shit all over the sides and flat out excessive decoration on them. I also noticed that it took about 6 months for them to be useless appearance and wear wise. I started wearing skateboarding shoes then, and I have ever since.

I love skateboarding shoes (even though I never have skated) because they are made for people that beat the shit out of them! The rubber sole is always nice and thick and strong (but they are flat and lack grips, only drawback), the suede is always very good duality and durable, and they are well padded and capable of being worn loose as well. These days though, it’s getting increasingly hard to find a pair of them that are “plain enough” for me and clean looking. DC shoes has started to get a “hip-hop” influence as well, with now over half their shoes looking urban or basketball-like.

wow some pretty retro looking designs…the Escape reminds me of the very first pair of Nike I ever owned, the Intrepid (1983)…I might still have it at my parent’s house…

more vintage sneaker info/purchase here…


I remember my first pair of nikes, don’t know the name, I was probably 7 or 8. Just plain ol blue with the yellow swoosh. This was around '81 I think.