Los Angeles

So I was just reading my “Real Fact” off of my Snapple bottle and it was actually really interesting. It states that the city of Los Angeles has 3x as more automobiles than people. Is that true? I was under the impression that there were like 20 million people in LA…

Does this seem odd to anyone else?

I think it’s more around 10 million people in LA.
LA is so spread out that they all need cars to get around.

Even so it seems absurd that for every one person in LA there are 3 cars. I wonder if the Snapple research monkeys were refering to “adults” and not the mass metro population.

People are just so concerned about how cool they look. They have to have the nicest cars and clothes. It’s cali! They need a car to go to a party and drop names.

Yes, but how does it average out to 3 cars to every one person? The economy is pretty bad in LA… like everywhere else. Do all the celebs have 2000 cars to compensate for all the familys who none? I personally know many, many, many friends who are “middle class” of sorts who do not own one car. I am still floored.

I wonder if that includes rental car fleets, limo and work fleet vehicles. I could see rental car fleets topping out pretty high in La-la land.

I live in LA and I can tell you most people I know do not have more then one car. But everyone I know has at least one car, no one really rides the bus out here except for low income, or illegal aliens. Public transportation sucks out here, very limited, expensive to take cabs, very few rail lines and besides, everyone basicly likes haveing their own space in their own car. Its not just trasportation, its an extention or your personality. Dont forget, freeways were invented out here.

I think the other reason is, sicne the weather is usually nice, its just something people actually enjoy doing, taking a ride up the coast in a brand new cool car is very addictive. When I travle to the east cost and ride the subway I cant bleave how unplesent and skanky it is. Why anyone would choose that is beyond me but whatever float your boat.

On the other hand, I do have one friend who has 5 cars and he is illegal!

And I worked with a renderer once who spent all his money collecting old cars think he had 20? Its noraml out here that when you trun 16 you get to have a new car if daddie can pony up the cash. So a typical family with 2 kids will almost always have 4 cars.

By the way, people love to rag on how bad LA drivers are, but thats simply not true. In fact, New Jersy is one of the worst states in the nation and the reason I say this is because Farmers Insurance did some reasearch and decided to drop the WHOLE state because of the high accident rate.

i own 3 cars, share them with my wife.

i have owned 15 in the 17 years i have been driving. it’s a hobby.