Looks like lazy shouldnt be in a designer's vocabulary! [?]

We’ll heres the problem… as many fellow students of art may be able to relate to i find myself very unmotivated when it comes to academic classes in high school! I’m going to a vocational school and taking ‘Digital Design’ its a fairly new class thats being offered, but I really enjoy it and have been learning a lot! But i find my grades slipping as far as English/math ect. go and I have a bad feeling that I’m prob. not going to be able to get into the college program i want to get into! (namely Digital Design @ University of Cinci)

I’ve been reading over there information and I’m fairly sure that they dont consider your portfolio, which i guess is my fault for not looking into earlier. I guess i need to go down there and meet with admissions (good luck with that right?..) anyways, i guess my question is- do i go to another art school that looks @ your portfolio over your GPA as far as admission goes… or should i go to a local community college for a year and go for a 3.5+ gpa there and then transfer into the DAAP program?

BTW you can see my portfolio here

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I’ve worked at a web design firm for about 2 years now and been going to a vocational school for 2 years also… do you think they’d take that into consideration?

Sorry if i’ve confused anyone lol - any help/advice would be greatly appriciated!

You should always apply to multiple schools to explore your options. I narrowed it down to about 8 schools and visited them, and ended up applying to 4, getting into 3, and picked the one that had the best combination of things I thought I was looking for.

Why Cinci BTW, it is a great school, but just wondering what your thoughts are.