LookingForVideo posted on core77 about environment&recyc

I remember watching a 10-15 minute video about recycling and how much waste that is produced and dumped in the developing countries due to all the unnecessary and fancy packaging products have these days.
The video were hosted by a woman who had been around the world doing research and most of the video was presented with simple white background and black graphics of how forests were harvested and how much toxic waste production facilities produced and how the majority of the wrapping of products only were cosmetics and thrown away as soon as the product were unwrapped. The video really worked as an eye-opener since I normally dont care to much about “green thinking” and I would love to find it so that I can show some of my friends and relatives.

Please if anyone knows where to find this video I would be more than happy :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ive been looking for this video for a long time but right after I posted this message I actually found the video so in a way it helped posting even though I never got any answers, thx everybody :slight_smile:
Here the video is and I actuallu recommend watching it if you havent already seen it: http://www.storyofstuff.com/

I watched this a while back. Great information, it’s always worth another viewing.

this is a great video.
anyone and everyone can take on board the issues raised and see that it makes sense to change the current system.