Looking to improve

Hey all! Like a lot of the posts I’ve seen here lately I was inspired by yo’s sketch a day posts, so I’ve been trying to work on my sketching abilities by trying that for myself on instagram. I thought I’d post some of the ones from the past month and going forward post more regularly and (hopefully!) get some feedback on how I can improve.

Thank you for looking!

Good starts. You can sketch form, if you just add more contrast to your application of color and light you will see your sketches pop off the page more.

For digital sketching, one trick I sometimes use is to just duplicate my light and shadow layers and adjust their opacity to help it pop a little more. You can also bring it into Photoshop and apply a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to get a similar effect. That being said, these are great!

Thank you yo and Brian for the feedback! I tried to apply it to the sketch I did last night, though the one I posted on instagram was not quite as contrasty as I thought it had looked on my iPad. So I upped it a bit and I’ll post it below:

Do you guys think I should I have gone darker in the shadows? Also, I wasn’t totally certain what I should do with the toe area since I had the black shaping the bottom and the white shaping the top, so I went with a blend.


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Try pushing your light sources. I notice in your xbox sketch the light source is very muddy. There should be a clear directionality to the light. I spent a couple of minutes photoshopping it to tie a more uniform sense of where the light is coming from. Don’t be afraid to add more contrast. especially if you are working in digital, just ad a new layer onto and really push it.

Thanks Keno, that’s a good point! When I was sketching it, I admit I didn’t do a lot of research on it beforehand so I went back and studied my source image then looked on Balenciaga’s site for some alternate views. I missed that it does have a sock portion on the top, so I’ll take another shot at it with that in mind and work on the shadows.

Wow, thank you yo! I see what you mean, that pops way better! I’m going to apply that to the sketch I’m working on for this evening. Thank you again!