Looking to change career to design | Advice & Suggestions?


I want to go into design, but I don’t know where to go and which programs, as there seems to be a deluge of information. So, I thought perhaps any current students, working designers, and design management professionals could offer some suggestions.
(Thank you in advance.)

I have a B.A. in English (and Minor in Psychology) and have spent about eight years working in the film industry (on the corporate side), real estate development (operations), and finance (operations). I have always been keenly interested in good (and bad) design and have wanted for a while to be a part of the larger design process (collaborating with other designers as well as the business end, i.e. marketing, product development), but haven’t pursued it because of the need for financial security. Well, at this point, I’m fed up and want to take the plunge.

But, what schools and programs would you recommend? Do I need to go back to undergraduate? Or, is there a highly-regarded two-year graduate program?

I have attended the AAS program (for Graphic Design) info session at Parsons. While I am interested in Graphic Design, I am more interested in Product / Industrial Design, as well as Design Management. Alternatively, I was thinking of something like the MBA program at INSEAD (France), where they collaborate with the Art Center College of Design.

I look forward to suggestions and your thoughts.

If you do that MBA, you have your problems solved.

do search of the forums. this same question has been covered a lot and you should be able to turn up relevant info. In general, the consensus seems to be that if you want to be a designer, you need the undergraduate to learn the skills and process. a Masters won’t get you that, esp. an MBA.

Also, it is probably unlikely that you could get into design management without working as a designer for a long time. Nobody is going to respect a design manager than can’t or hasn’t designed.