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I thought that this would be the best section to ask.
I’m looking to start blogging as soon as possible, with that being said I don’t need to be online tomorrow I can start working off line.

I want to create, and maintain a daily record of my journey through design college. I know absolutely nothing about the technical aspect of blogging as many people I’m sure, so I’ll need to learn everything.

I would like software that allows me to manipulate and create content from the main computer or remotely. I understand that I may need to begin with a easy learning product but in doing so will this create problems down the road when I’m ready for a more robust product?

Hopefully someone can point me into the right direction from experience and not straight to the Google highway :slight_smile:

I also tried the search engine here at Core77

Thank you sincerely for your time,

Have you looked at some of the most popular blogging portals out there? Check out www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com - they are pretty intuitive and easy-to-start.


I see in your sig that you use world press, any particular reason over blogger?
Thanks a bunch I really appreciate you helping out.
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Personally I think Blogger is easier to get rolling with - it has all the basic stuff that you’d need to start and go. I chose Wordpress (whether it’s simply my impression, or really is) because it feels more complete in terms of features - it feels more professional in a way. Maybe it’s the design. Maybe it’s the templates customization. Or something.

End of the day, there probably would not be substantial difference for your purpose I think. Maybe it boils down to which one you feel more in tune with. :slight_smile:

Most all blogging software is nothing more than a word processor with a little bit of CSS applied. You can create all the content you want, say, in an email, and then post it up. In fact, most blogging software has an e-post mechanism.

As mentioned, Blogger and Wordpress are the most popular. Blogger will be the easiest to get up and running (enter a user name and you have a blog). Wordpress has tons of plug-ins and means to customize.

I use Pivot (www.pivotlog.net). An open source PHP based blogging software. Very similiar to the software used for this chat forum. If you’re a tinkerer, like me, its great. But it isn’t as widely used and you will find that you will spend a lot of time figuring out how to set it up. Once you do, its pretty darn easy.

I would suggest starting with Blogger or Wordpress.

Thanks guys,
I love to tinker and create content. I will take your advice and go with Blogger to start just to get my feet wet and then make an educated decision based on experience moving forward.


You might also try www.tumblr.com

It is pretty easy to set that up and start immediately.

That is the ticket for sure…
Thanks core77admin.

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