looking for work in amsterdam or the netherlands

im moving to amsterdam in a month and was wondering if anyone has any tips for looking for work there. i would prefer to work for a small product design firm, do you think not speaking dutch will be a problem. Does annyone know of any websites or good companies.

GK Design international is there in town. I used to work for them in LA. Its a Japanese company.They speak english on problem

hey what’s going on. I’m from Amsterdam working in the States now. Might be able to hook you up. What type of design work are you looking for? Interior, product etc

hi sorry for only getting back. Just moved over this week and have being trying to find somewhere to live.

To answer your question my preference is for product design but I have done some interior design before. For the last year and a half I have being working as a furinture designer in ireland as product does not exsit there.

it would be great if you have any contact here that i could talk to about work or even just to meet fellow designers. As I’ve just moved over I haven’t meet many people yet.


Has been a while since I’ve been there, but I did an internship at Exhibits International, now Kubik. They are a custom event design/exhibition building company from Canada. They also have an office in Amsterdam. They do(did?) a lot of custom stands for tradeshows, interiors/lobbies for companies (Nike Europe headquarters, Unilever headquarters) and exhibitions like Nikepark. The main language in the office is English and they might be a good fit with your furniture background: http://www.thinkubik.com
Otherwise you can try other product design agencies there:
http://www.springtime-usa.com/ global design agency, think they have offices now in US and Hongkong as well
Otherwise you might be able to find other companies on the dutch design organisation site: English | BNO


springtime design and philips in eindoven…could train down