Looking for wicked cool computer speakers

Hello all-
I’m looking for some kick ass computer speakers for my home set up. Sound quality is important, but I would like them to be wicked cool. Here is something I found and had not seen before. These have a fem vibe, not what I’m looking for but kinda cool. Also here is the info on them:

JBL Spyro 2.1 Speaker System

Please post up any suggestions you have.

harmon/kardon/apple soundsticks speakers are good. i have a set and i used to use it connected to my receiver/tv as a mock HTHIB set up. great base, but the mid tones are a bit muddy and there is more distortion than optimal, but you can hang the speaker on the wall with an S-hook.

i dont think they make them anymore but sure you could find on ebay/elsewhere


Thx. I’ll check those out…

More jbl…


other random sets…

found these tonight

I can vouch for the JBL Creature II speakers posted above- even the bottom of them is amazingly well designed, very thoughtful. They have a really fun pac man ghost-ish vibe, and the green power indicator LEDs are mounted on the underside, so their green glow reflects off the surface they’re resting on. I got a refurbished pair a year or two ago for $50.

Not sure on sound quality but always though these speakers from Art Lebedev were cool…

Not a fan of the orange version though - Sonicum

Not sure on sound quality but always though these speakers from Art Lebedev were cool…

Not a fan of the orange version though - Sonicum

Saitek makes some interesting stuff…

These are cool too, but are for portable gadgets… might not make room filling sound

What about these?
The Tivoli Model 2 is very classy, IMHO:

I have a Model 1 on my desk- it’s not stereo, but the sound is warm and beautiful. Picked it up at Target for something like $120 and got a $50 gift card (net cost $70). I really like the design, substantial feel and the fact that I can listen to local radio, too, in the morning:

These don’t exist yet but are inspiring to look at.

Those Lacies are really cool!

IMO, You can’t go wrong with a nice BOSE setup though.

so beautiful they are!

This might be way off base but you might want to take a look at studio monitors (Powered Studio Monitors | Guitar Center). They’re far from attractive but if sound quality is really important they’re definitely a good value. The main problem with computer speakers imo is that they take a bunch of tiny drivers so they can have a slimmer look and forgo a properly sized midrange driver which doesn’t work. There’s unfortunately no getting around the issue of needing a full range of drivers to recreate the entire frequency spectrum (accurately).

That being said setups like the klipsch and creative ones with a tweeter, mid, and sub will likely sound better than the harmon kardon clear speakers or the JBL creature ones, although to be fair I don’t know how they all stack up against each other price wise.

…and those Lacies definitely are beautiful…

I hope I didn’t get to carried away with this, I’m a bit of an audio nut :slight_smile:

I’m kinda intrigued by the basejump by twelvesouth for the moment. http://twelvesouth.com/products/bassjump/

USB-powered subwoofer for your mac. Not exactly hifi though…

being a bit of an audiophile myself, I second the use of studio monitors for premium results.

I have a high quality sound card (its some model of SoundBlaster) that is providing a digital out signal into a small Denon audio receiver next to my computer, which then powers two MK studio monitors (and a subwoofer on the floor). The sound is nothing less than amazing. They play high definition audio from DVD, BluRay, and music with full warm crisp quality, and they can get well loud too.

Same, although my monitors were DIYed…they are being fed by a JBL Power 20 amp and a Nuforce uDAC.

This Speakers are designed by an engineer… :wink: (Please don’t Laugh), they ar not knocking in looks but knocking in sound.

Hah, those would drive me nuts. After a few days I’d try and erase the writing so I could turn one to the next side so the grain matches.

I recent;y got a Bose Companion 5 system… pretty happy with it. Aesthetically it is very simple, the audio is pretty awesome. My One complaint, the only mini driver input is on the volume control wheel… that and to turn it on you have to tap the top of the control wheel, which I love as an organic and simple solution. The issue is I had no way of knowing that is how you turn it on. So I connected it, turned up the volume on the speakers and my mac, only to accidentally brush the top setting the system to on at full volume blasting Ozzy. Startling to say the least. (doesn’t everyone test their speakers with “Crazy Train”?)