Looking for Sunglasses Designers

Hey guys, new member of this forum, and by using this forum, I hope to gain new knowledge and get to know the people here! Anyway, back to the topic. For the past few months I have been coming up with ideas for my sunglasses design, I have been listing down ideas and features that I could implement into the design, but the problem I am having is not being able to design this line of products, so I was wondering if you guys know any individual or company that offers the services of designing, developing and prototyping sunglasses? Websites, forums, suggestions… anything would help! Thanks!

How much are you willing to spend on the development?
This will guide and narrow down your choices.

Well I am aiming for a budget of $500-$1000 without the whole manufacturing process.

Designing, developing and prototyping?
Without knowing the full scope of the services needed, I don’t think those numbers will get you very far to be honest…
I would suggest you search the forums. There are quite a few threads out there regarding fees and services. Both where freelancers ask what to charge and people with ideas ask what development might cost.

My advise, if you are serious, would be to find a consultancy who’s profile and portfolio coincides with your brand positioning and develop this with them. Maybe also have them create the strategy, branding, packaging ect. besides the ID.
But sure, that would take a lot more capital than what you are budgeting.

For design feed you are going to need more like $50k to get through rough looks like prototypes and design CAD, then you are going to need about $10k to do a really high quality model that looks real. Then you will need a factory who will produce your idea and to get that you will need to hit a MOQ (minimum order quantity) which will be a lot more than you probably want right now, so to justify that MOQ you will need some preorder sales with large enough retailers (that is where the high fidelity model comes in handy, they are going to need a physical thing)

So, you need a lot more money to pay for design and prototyping
You need need a factory
And you need a large enough retail relationship to sell through your initial MOQ (or you will be stuck with these in your garage)

Maybe a designer would do this for an equity stake in your company, but your idea would have to be so killer, and you would have to bring the factory and retail relationships to the table in order for any designer to even consider this. And even so you would still have the prototyping costs.

Have you ever brought any products to market in other sectors? What experience do you have?

And i forgot to mention you also have to factor in paying for branding and identity design, packaging, web presence, and a marketing campaign.

It’s nice to receive feedback from a person with that much experience! It seems that the whole design process is beyond my standards. Because I have very little experience in creating actual physical products and putting them for sale on the market, it’s hard for me to know where to begin and how. Would you mind sharing some of your early experiences when you first started designing?

It won’t cost you $50K, but certainly not $1000. But more importantly, bringing a product to market is more than just having an “idea”. You need a business plan, a brand strategy and reason to have your product exist. Ideas are cheap, implementation and competitive advantage are expensive.

I’d start with reading this:


For a second I thought you were looking for “designer sunglasses.” :smiley:

When I look up “Sunglasses designer”, all that shows is that on google haha.