looking for suggestions

these are the shoes ive been working on lately for the august kicksguide competition…and im basically just wanting to practice with markers…if anyone has any feedback on which they think i should explore as a final or just crit on the work in general i’d appreciate it.

also, sorry, im sure this has been answered a million times, but how do you just post images so that ppl dont have to click on the links…thanks

here ye go-

great looking renderings. what project was this for on kicksguide. the current-mercedes contest? I saw the logo on one of your sketches taht is mercesed- but I am wondering where did you pull your inspiration. also for colorways- red might make it look more ferrari-sport then what mercedes is about. but I like what you have so far, will you be also doing an outsole view?



thanks for the help.
yeah, this is for the mercedes competition…i completely agree with the color crit. i actually was working around the kind of retro mercedes logo that i found, but ive recently photoshoped a light blue version of my favorite of the three and i think it fits the theme a little better…as for the other views, since we have a while before the due date, i should be able to show everything.