Looking for strategic Business Partners

I am a manufacturer of solid wood furniture all hand made and hand polished. Basit Design Furniture is interested in working with designers, arhitects, builders and with individuals and companies where we can add value and have that very high end furniture made for affordable budget. I am willing to work with start up designers and start up furniture consultants. Its all about relationship and believing in yourself and your work. Their is enough business out their, it takes good partners and ofcourse money will come. My recommendation is to check my website at www.BasitDesignFurniture.com

Looking forward to be talking to some folks in the near future.

Warmest Regards,

Basit :laughing:

I checked out your site because I’m in Denver so you got me curious. Is your shop really in the Northwest Frontier province of Pakistan, or is there another Peshawar I’m not familiar with? That just seems like an incredible disadvantage logistically given the situation there, not to mention the geography. What port do you use? Sorry for the questions, but I’m fascinated with how you are able to make a go of a business like this out of that location.