looking for some product design advice

I just graduated with a BEd and am now thinking I’d like to get into product design, but not sure how exactly I would do that. I would love some feedback. Do I need to go back to school, and if so, any ways to fastrack?

What is a BED? There are a number of routs you can take, I think the most consistantly successful is going back for another Bacholrs degree in ID. You will probably be able to do it in three yrears.

BEd. is a Bacholrs of Environmental Design, where you get a little architecture, interior, and landscape design. The program is set up to go from undergraduate straight into masters. It’s complated, but I decided I would like to go in another direction, but don’t really want to start from scratch- Would doing a masters be a better idea? ( in ID)

Go for Masters in ID but be specific as you can in terms of courses since your Bachelors was a general one. Or, go back to undergrad and major in ID and get your other courses you’ve done credited towards your degree- this should take you 2 more years. The same as the Masters in ID.

keep in mind that a Masters doesn’t count for as much in ID as it does in Arch. And any ‘fastrack’ may shortchange your education. Plan on 2-3 years either way.