Looking For Senior Thesis Sponsor

I’m currently in my senior year in my Industrial design program at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, headed by Steve Belletire. Starting January 2008 I will be involved in a senior thesis project that is a whole semester term. I am required to find a sponsor that is currently in the professional field that will be able to guide me in my subject of choice. My subject for my thesis is footwear design. If anyone would be interested in helping with my project, I can guarantee it will not be a time consuming or bothersome. It will more than likely be a few emails and phone calls exchanged that contained some research, sketching, pictures and development of the footwear design. From there the sponsor will guide in the correct direction towards a successful footwear design.This would be a great opportunity for me to hopefully be involved with someone in the footwear design field that could give me helpful guidance throughout my project. If there is any further information or explanation that you would require from me just let me know and I can go into further detail. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Christopher C. Loss

Interesting. Post up your portfolio so far Christopher. Have you done any internships?

I did a week long externship in Chicago with Brandscope. Other than that Ive had offers but they just weren’t at the right time unfortunately. I can post a portfolio in the next couple days but it contains no footwear design. Ive been very interested in footwear design and thats the reason I chose ID as a profession. I just havent had the oppurtunity to pursue that interest through my school until now because we can choose the topic of choice. Thanks for your response and I’ll get some work posted.


yup, posting a portfolio would be a good way to kick this off. you’ll likely get more interest if you can show your skills and also some sort of proposal for your project so a potential sponsor can know what level of work they will be involved with and have their name associated with.

looking forward to seeing your stuff.