Looking for Roll up metal

Hi all,

Im looking for a metal that performs like a measuring tape or those old slap bracelets. Working on a new product for my client who needs a strip that can be stored in a rolled position but can be unfurled for a long strip to be hung. I assume its some type of tempered spring steel run through a forming die for concave body. I need it to be thicker. does anyone know where i should start looking? Most measuring tape manufacturers wont work with much thicker materials.


How thick do you need?

Thats the issue need something thicker ~1mm

It seems a strip of tempered steel greater than 1mm in thickness that was snapped back would have near lethal force. Gut feeling.

Thats a great point all that additional spring force would potentially spring back very strong

1mm is VERY thick for spring steel. Why does it need to be that thick? The weight for it to hold something should be very strong either way. 1mm steel is not going to want to curl up.

I’d recommend finding a vendor who can do custom springs and describe to them your needs (spring force, length, hanging load) and see what they can do.