Looking for Product Design Examples

SolidWorks, for R&D purposes, is looking for examples of typical Consumer, Commercial and Medical product design. It is not necessary that it be your design or whether it is designed using SolidWorks - we are trying to create a comprehensive description of a representative cross-section of products that typify these industries. In addition, we would like to see examples of designs that would be particularly difficult to conceptualize and/or a challenge to execute. The following link:


will help you determine the kinds of product design examples that we are looking for. The following:


show some examples of what we are currently looking at. You can post back to this forum topic or you can email me directly at mbiasotti@solidworks.com Include a brief description (one line description) and a picture.

Thank you

This logitech mouse. This is going to be my “swoopy” modeling challenge.

I know for a fact most Logitech mice are physically modelled and laser scanned and then shelled/split in the 3d software. I love Logitech mice, great contours and weight.

Perfect, I think that’ll make it in even better test since it’s shape and lines probably weren’t “influenced” by someone’s cad skills. Thanks for the info.

That is interesting.

Although the design was done on paper

The mask, clear screen, sheet metal, CNC aluminum parts (triple clamp and extenders)where all modeled in Solid works.

The mask itself was first made in clay, than scanned (point cloud) and rebuild (reverse engineering) with solid works. Done by an engineer with me looking over his shoulder.

i find this unbelievable…

many times 3d forms are scanned it. but then actual surfaces are rebuilt using software, to match 99% of what was scanned in. there is no way a clay model can have the surface/curvature quality that proE can generate…

You think…? Look at cars 50s 60s cars / Italian
It takes time to do it in clay
Next to that a clay model is 1:1 in real life, in my case with the rest of the bike.
It takes to long to take the bike in the computer.

I also have a hard time believing that the scanned cloudpoint isn’t rebuilt as NURBS. …Unless the toolmaker gets involved with polishing the tool to spec. But anytime the toolmaker is affecting the final product, you’ll have a hard time reproducing that tool. (ie. Good for limited runs only.) Am I right?

Sorry about going off-topic! But there is a message here for CAD developers!

look at any bronze statue, or any italian, german, french, engilsh, american auto up to 1990’s

I would think the point clouds are rebuilt. Wouldn’t you say that most designer generated CAD files are rebuilt anyway either by an engineer or a factory tooling center to meet a factory’s best practices… 6 in one half dozen the other.

I’m afraid I can’t shed any more light on the situation to be honest, I know one of the head designers and saw the progress work, modelling development etc but didn’t get into too much of the specifics and technicals.

But hey, it’s sparked off conversation!