Looking for Precision CNC Wood Manufacturers in the U.S.

I have a start-up company that is looking for experienced vendors to do precision milling of a few different species of wood products. They are small in nature but we are looking for someone who can do a few prototypes but has manufacturing capabilities as well. I’ve been looking for U.S. manufacturers and was hoping to find some people who have recommendations and insight.

Is it something you could do on your own - maybe buy a shop bot and get an employee? It’s an inexpensive CNC table routers… great for flat pack style construction, but can also do shallow 3D shapes

It is actually 3 dimensional and would require atleast a 3axis machine if not a 5axis.

They only have a 3 Axis (a Komo, pretty good machine), but I use Denver Woodworking a lot:

They specialize in small volume production stuff. Good people to work with.