Looking for portfolio feedback

Hi guys… first time posting here. I’m just a student (third year industrial design, but technically only a sophomore in my current program because I switched schools) and while I mostly just comb through these forums for design advice, I thought it might be useful to gain feedback on my current web portfolio:


The web portfolio is what I use to share my work when looking for design internships, and seeing as I’ve been doing a lot of that right now, I thought I’d benefit more from what you might have to say on my own work than continuing to view comments on others’.

All feedback is welcome! But I’d most like to hear your advice on my presentation style which I think could be a major point of critique.

Thanks for taking the time to check me out!


Hi Shireen,
It’s a nice layout for a design portfolio, you show a good taste in details while keeping the focus on your content.
The project presentations are pasted slides with vertical scrolling - it seems to be a trend but I still favor horizontal scrolling slideshows more seamlessly integrated into the webpage - there are tons of jQuery plugins for that.
For Spindled I would have developed the shape into something that is ergonomic and visually more powerful, striking a balance between the two, used a different wood such as cedar, bamboo or olive for a cleaner and softer feel, and integrated the head more with the body.
The idea of Visaid is nice, I wonder if you tested it to truly take away the social stigma, and if this interactive solution would be more valuable than a beautiful piece of jewelry for these people.
Also for the lamp, I see an elegant idea but the elaboration does not reflect that.
Your sketches show great sensibility and style.
Overall what to do with your portfolio depends on what kind of internship you are looking for.
Two things you can work on are taking a more critical stance towards your own concept development, as well as advancing in 3D modeling and rendering skills, a basic requirement at design companies.