Looking for pics of those crazy flexy expandable "mind&

The trouble with Google is you have to know how to label what you are looking for. I don’t even know that.

I’m looking for some pictures of different toys that are of the type where it’s a big network of flexible wires (etc.) that can bend and deform and stretch into hugely different shapes. A duodecahedron (?) sorta thing into a small thing, into a big wide open shape.

I’m looking for some pictures that might show the toys in their different stages.

Any suggestions as to the names or even where I might find some images would be greatly appreciated!

stretch armstrong is a hot shit

Try googling “expandable sphere” for images.

Came up with a company called Hoberman

Awesome - thanks! I remember an extensive New Yorker profile of Hoberman a couple of years ago - could NEVER have come up with that name though. Awesome!