Looking for one particular book... and I need help

Ok, so here’s the deal:
I remember reading (a long time ago) about a guy who’d decided to make illustrated instructions for all sorts of activities. These instructions became a book and it’s that book I’m looking for.
Now it gets tricky: I can’t remember much of anything about the book or its author, except that the dogma was that no words were allowed - only illustrations. Like Ikea assembly instructions.

Here’s some stuff that (I think) I remember about the book - I’m not sure though:
-The author/artist might have been French
-He was most likely a graphic designer or illustrator (but that’s a deduction more than anything)
-I believe the book covered how to administer CPR (at least that’s the example from the book that I seem to remember. Otherwise I believe it covered topics along the lines of “how to tie a shoelace” or “how to brush your teeth” - that sort of stuff)
-It may have included “101” in its title (as in “101 instructions on how to do stuff” or some similar slightly-off number)
-I belive I read about it on wired.com / wirednews.com or core77 (I’m pretty sure I found it via an RSS feed, which puts those sites high in the running since I check them constantly)

If you know this book’s title or anything, please clue me in!
I’ve been wading through google searches, wired searches, core searches, amazon categories and everything else, and have so far found nothing.
I know it’s a tall order to ask you guys to help me find this book, but in this case I’m counting on a humans ability to recognize something, since technology is getting me nowhere.

Thanks in advance for any help!