looking for muses...

Hello There!

I would like to ask for anyone’s help with a certain “general knowledge” issue…
I have received a mega-quick project in which I have to create a certain fashion collection.
I have decided on 2 style directions for this collection:
Romantic Seventies styles and American Indians (Black hawk big chief etc.).
I wish to find 2 muses (celebrities, singers, actresses etc.) around which I can define my collection,
and who represent these 2 directions.
Does anyone have any idea for such personas, muses, icons, legends? And does anyone know any other websites where I can post this question and get some help?

Thanks in advance,

Romantic Seventies:

Brian Ferry

American Indian:


Romantic Seventies: Neil Diamond

American Indian: Sitting Bull (though Tecumseh is a great suggestion, too; you can read up on him in “Panther in the Sky”…)

Photographs by Edward S. Curtis, the most textured and natural images of the native Americans, try and find some of those. There is an image of Geronimo as an old man which is amazing.

Don’t know much about the 70’s though.