Looking for materials/design research hot spots in NYC

I’m heading off the NYC at the end of June-beginning of July to do design research. Looking for suggestions regrding good sources/place to visit to find highend hardware, leathers, fabrics and other materials.

I will be shopping for new materials for a new product line. Am having limited success finding what I’m looking for on line. Looking for very cutting edge and high end materials.

I’ve heard of ‘designer trade marts’ of sorts but am not familiar with any in NYC. (Acutally I do know about Material Conexxion but am hoping to find some other connections for matierals hunting.

If you have any suggestions for leads…would be a big help:)

Will also be soaking up all design in NYC in general and hitting museums, shops etc. Open to other designery fun places to check out.

Have been to NYC before, familiar with all the major design museums and Soho etc. but am hoping to find lesser known gems.

Thanks for your help!