Looking for laminated corrugated cardboard

like the ghery chairs

but we only need 5"x5"x26" bricks

initally thought any boxman could do this, but the price they want is unbelievable because they just end up sending out their stock for the lamination process.

anyone have any leads?

I don’t know the number of bricks you’re needing, but it isn’t all that hard to make them yourself with a bit of Elmer’s glue…and a lot of cardboard. Most cardboard box manufacturers have scraps that they willingly give away to students or just about anyone who will come and pick them up. If you know any architects, ask them where they get the cardboard they use for their topography models…

5,000 +

You need to go directly to a cardboard manufacturer. Try this as a starting point:

Yeah i have tried that, but i have also made phone call after phone call and heard the guy on the other end say “you want me to do what, well let me talk to some people and get back to you”

i was just wondering if anyone knew of a particular manufacturer that had experience with this.

Hers an idea. Why don’t you go to the source and ask where his stuff is made:
Gehry Partners, LLP
12541 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066
vox 310.482.3000
fax 310.482.3006

I buy 4’x8’ corrugated (kraft or white) sheets from a local paper products distributor (boxes, paper towels, napkins,etc.). I can get one sheet or fifty sheets. He stocks it regularly for small companies that need to fabricate their own low volume packaging.

If I asked him to get me 60"x60"x26" bricks he’d probably give me one of those “let me get back to you” looks, and when he did the price would be high.

48" is a standard width, they make bigger. It’s not usually stocked and the distributor would have to buy a minimum to get you any. In addition you’d be throwing away a lot … as opposed to cutting the extra 12" strips you need to make up your 60" (5’) dimension from a standard 48"x96" sheet.

Water based adhesives work, it just takes more “cure” time. I prefer “contact” type adhesives. You have to be more careful because contact adhesives do just that, instantly; there isn’t much room for relocating after they touch. They might tend to gum up a saw blade.though.

hmm mmmm… maybe I oughta read my copy more carefully.

5 INCH x 5 INCH x 26INCH

Sounds like a really expensive project from the get go- lots of cutting, lots of laminating, and lots of material. Those Ghery chairs arent exactly cheap either. It would probably be much cheaper to have foam blocks stamped out or molded if it is for a structural or insulative application. If you just want a 5000 Ghery bricks because it will look cool, then I would get ready to shell out some bucks- or roll up your sleeves.

just a little help here, but we purchase from uline, if that ends up being a solution, give me your order info, part#, qty and such, let me at the very least see if I can get you a quote with shipping and such.

this thread can die:

with a lot of research we found a company to do what we needed and the price was more than reasonable, it was a matter of finding a cardboard supplier familiar with lamination that also had links to a shop with large saws.

We lucked out and found the perfect source where the whole process is happenening in one building.

Can you post the name of the company? Might be helpful to someone.