Looking for Internships/Co-ops

Hey i was wondering if anyone knew about any places companies like to post internship/co-op oppertunities at other than coroflot? i’m currently looking for an internship for the winter quarter (jan - mar) and I want to get around the middle man (my co-op advisor)

Thanks for help in advanced

Most internships arent posted in the “want ads”. Just make a list of the places you’d like to work and call them up. Ask who to send your work to and then email or snail mail them your shit. done.

internships are something you need to network to get. you have to beat the bushes relentlessly. they usually aren’t something you apply for like a barista position at starbucks. i landed both my internships by developing contacts with adjunct professors, some good work, and a strong dose of pesistence. i hired interns the same way.

Yeah, I would have to agree with k-j. I got one through an alumnus, one from a prof, and one through our co-op program. I would let the co-op program work for you, not try to bypass it. Some companies even toss your stuff out if you send things to them and they already have a program set up with your school.