Looking for industrial design summer school or interships


Kindly, if you know a good industrial/product design summer schools 2018 in Europe, mention them please.

Thanks in advance

There is one in Greece;

It is running this year also but they may have filled. I advise contacting them.

It is a bit late at this point. I hired our intern more than a month ago. Schools like Art Center and RISD have summer programs but they likely closed applications weeks if not months ago.

I have a new thing this year. We currently have 2 interns, but we are getting a third from Israel. Their summer break is August to October, so I get interns in sequence. Kind of cool in my view.

That works out. I know UC used to do well with their quarter system which had kids interning all different tones of year. My comment was just that if you are looking for a traditional summer internship posting to apply to, that ship might have already sailed. My advice would be to reach out to local smaller firms whose owners might have the flexibility to do something.

Heads up, I did see that J&J posted for interns on coroflot: https://www.coroflot.com/jobs/82388?utm_source=core77&utm_medium=job_tile&utm_content=82388&utm_campaign=201807

OP didn’t ask about internships

oops, replied to the wrong topic :slight_smile: