Looking for Industrial Design jobs in Tokyo, Japan

Need to find some information on finding Industrial Design jobs in japan…websites…networking leads…ect…any advice or leads would be appreciated…Thank you

step 1: look in mirror
a. if person in mirror is japanese proceed to step 2
b. if person in mirror is not japanese proceed step 3
step 2: go to grad school in usa, there are no jobs
step 3: work in china, its close enough for what you need

Nihongo o hanashimasuka?

Iie? (me neither)


Why do you want to work in design, in Tokyo? Just to be there?

I had an interview, fresh outta school, with Mitsubishi. They had flown in a few Japanese suits, and an interpreter, to a hotel in LA to conduct interviews. They flew me across the country and back in 12 hours - all for a 1/2 hour interview. Rotten. Anyway they had a number of American and UK designers there, working on electronics.

I’d start with the big companies, calling the HR people stateside (or wherever you are provided you don’t speak Nihongo) and seeing if they can help you out with Japanese placements.

I’ve no idea on the status of the Japanese economy and design scene though - they seem to do plenty of gadgets but is anyone making $$$? Sony sure isn’t.

Do you speak or read Japanese? If not don’t even bother. You can apply for school in Japan and go from there, but make sure you learn good Japanese or else you won’t get anywhere.

Funny but true.
In my tokyo working experience,
Japanese companies likes to hire one or two white guy in their firm to look “international”
( maybe not the car companies)
The white guy would be prefect if they have blond hair and blue eyes.
If you are going for the “woman”, then go and be that only white guy in the company, suggesting ideas that nobody cares( you wouldn’t know anyway).