looking for id schools in europe

i know this belongs in “students & schools” but just trying to get as much input as possible (THNX)

my academic goal has been to graduate from Art Center in Pasadena, CA but lately, graduating with a ~$90,000 bill makes me wonder if this is the best route. if i spend the same amount in europe, id be getting much more of an experience (since i grew up in california)…

so, im ready to move my studies overseas to europe but would GREATLY appreciate some input of the better ID schools in europe. I do not mind learning a new language at all but wonder how much it’ll get in the way of getting my bachelors.

I was considering Italy / Germany / Switzerland / England… or is there a website that basically ranks ID schools in Europe?

THANKS in advance!

not familiar with any schools in europe.

what about heading out west?


I’m just about to Graduate from Swansea Institute of higher education www.sihe.ac.uk. I have enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Swansea is a cheep place to live, although it can be cold and wet(but that is the Uk for you)!! If you want to have a look at some other uni’s take a look at this site as well www.ucas.ac.uk . I personally think, if you are going to study abroad then the UK would be your best bet, no language barriers, a high standard of education and of course Fish and chips!
Good luck.

i did an exchange program here - les ateliers in paris. had the best and most creative year of my life.

Speaking for the UK, there’s Central St Martins in London (long pedgree and lot of sucessful alumni [http://www.linst.ac.uk/courses/cocsmf.htm] and Kingston University (Jasper Morrison among others) [http://www.kingston.ac.uk/design/]

Can do a lot worse than the University of Northumbria (Jonathan Ive, Tim Brown CEO IDEO, Martin Smith Audi…) [http://online.northumbria.ac.uk/prospectus/coursedetail.asp?CourseID=21]

I did a year at Newcastle, wish I could have done my entire degree abroad. Its highly independant and self motivated compared to US where the profs are all over you, but the UK culture in general is highly informed re design. It was fun, go for it. It will give you a great perspective on the world and on deisgn.

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