Looking for high quality athletic footwear factory...

Hi All,

I searching on behalf of a client for a high quality (Nike/Adidas level) factory for the development/production of a new line of shoes for US-based start up. It is a very exciting project that already has a lot of demand from potential customers, but we are finding sourcing difficult.

Ideally, we are looking for a small-medium factory open to new growth and business. The footwear is performance athletic, so experience in this area would be an asset. It is a small collection (2 styles, 1 set of tooling, a few colorways per style), high FOB and the client is very flexible to pay for tooling upfront as well as development costs, so should be a very attractive opportunity for an appropriate factory.

If anyone has some contacts/suggestions, please feel free to email or PM me.



Nothing in the old Hummel books? Their requirements seem to fit a similar manufacturer. Or I could be totally off.

Of course already have connected with past suppliers. Looking for available new ftys.


PouChen too big? Shoetown?

Was speaking with a YY fty but no capacity. I don’t know Shoetown. You have contacts?


I don’t directly.

Ok, no prob.


I’ll check with some folks though.

Thanks. Much appreciated.